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I wish I knew a better way to inform the world that no matter the obstacle two things will always ring true. The journey will be hard and when you get there the reward will be fulfilling. Although this may appear on the surface as something cheap and nonsensical from the pocket shaman of old but the fact remains that both tenants of this equation are true. The problem I believe arises when an individual hears only the first part without understanding fully the second. When a person is told something is hard, most will see that as a new obstacle opposed to just the one they began with. Then as they let malaise set in a new development of apathy and void appears in place of that which was hope.

I am one who seeks the hyperextension of whatever reality throws at me. Due to an odd behavior of becoming so multi versed I have developed the ability letting go of loss quickly. This act has helped me to adapt to this aforementioned wisdom above and has helped me in creating a new methodology of realizing the true importance in any situation as it pertains to the audience at hand. This is not saying that I personally do not have my own endeavors, rather I see others endeavors as extension of my own. For each victory I seek to praise and for each difficulty I hope to inspire relevance in those whom just fall into the acceptance of failure that will end in distress. A balance though must always be maintained for order to stem from the nothing. One must realize and accept themselves as potential opposition as well and this could very well be why I step back in situations of extreme caustic nature. I know my ability to have a dog in a fight, but always find myself coming the conclusion that if I state my concerns once that they should be acknowledged. This equally is not to say that my acknowledgement is acceptance that I am right, but to help see the world though the varied eyes of the misunderstood.

Cololmbo is told old a reference to try to either explain or denote, but it my futility I will try. As a kid I saw this goofy detective solve the case as the end of the hour struck, however it was not his genius that astounded me. The fact that a character could feign complete ignorance while allowing the herd to move around his intentional stupid was a marvel. Knowing that if I act slower and dumber than the rest then the truest of colors could come from people in their response. I am no person for politics but I do hold true to the tenant that ""...the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped."(Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey ). If this is just a metric of merit then I know that in the end morality comes down to sacrifice and acceptance.

My hopes are that one day all people could adhere to such a morality while noting and dodging the plights of their own their own whims. Working with people is hard sometimes.