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Having a Kid in the Time of the Plague

It feels odd to feel disturbed. Normally most days that pass I can bear the natural hardships we people inflict upon one another, and yet this time it is different. As far as being concerned for harm, please know that my family and I are safe for the time being. What drives unnatural worry into my soul is the after effects that which society will embrace so to dissolve the ways of the old so to create a new path to whatever fresh hell we wish to invite ourselves too,

I know that I can on occasion wear the frocked garments of a chicken little warning of the dangers from this and that, yet now I know on a mass scale the futility of it all. This very apathy is the wave of change I feel affecting me.

In my right I have always sought a means to quell whatever dark thoughts rumble through my mind. As this disease tears apart nation by nation I wonder about the future and the futility of creating such a place in my mind. The numbers must flow just as evenly as the spice though, and I must be a humbled servant to their cause.

Expectation of what reality wants to offer us and what we desire as people has never felt so chasmed. It is as though the vortex of emptiness plows through our species with no intent other than to fulfill the whims of entropy.

Stay Safe friends and remember, time will always pass and so shall this.