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Though time will do the wonder of causing erosion into the deepest parts of my whole, I will still remain. My hopes and dreams are the culmination of a millennium of sacrifice and survival. Although we all carry this wonder not many use the light to drown out the night, rather find ourselves swimming along the chaos of shadow's true reign. I am soldier, I am son, and I am father. I am the last pillar of hope left in a world of unequal turbulence unbalancing the harmony of our human existence. My will is not to die in the night a spec to the ageless time, rather to will our strength into a brighter end, to have us the wandering species of a weak star cast into the night as something more luminant than the very star that forged us.

Such frail and weakened creatures seeking an eternity into a void with no reason to do so other than the drive of spirit and tenacious sickness that is pride. Will the sickness of want become the reason we make it in this cosmos!