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Something Simple

I decided that today was a good day to tell you all why I behave in the manners with the various things I do. And although that is a lengthy endeavor to fulfill, my options are to do so with favor to your understanding or lose focus and waste time! Nonetheless I will subject myself to the reflections of time by allowing this deepened thought to become part of the mass hysteria called the human condition.

To start, my perspective is and will always be from the view of a simulationist. This poses a problem of sanity however if the notion is taken to the furthest extremes, then again so will any doctrine of philosophy of life. The world from my childhood as it propelled me into adultyness created a new found desire to study this human condition deeply. Digging feverishly into every facet from love, confusion, desperation, and hate. The only remnant left to find was timelessness. The varied studies from our greatest thinkers lead me awkwardly into a world that wasn't. As I began to study the law and businesses around me it became clear that this creation was a devil of our own summoning. Chaos has a tendency to leave us hiding and searching for hope in the most precarious places.

As a last bastion of light within the darkness, I sought to find an answer within the cold solidity of science. This must be the true answer for it was always my first calling in life to question the nature of my surroundings so to understand why things existed as they were. However, even science can pull one towards the voiding madness of non explanations and half realities. It was not until my path drove me in front of a Mr. James Gates, a theoretical physicist at the University of Maryland.
As per his article it appears the very fabric of space and time at a quantum level operates mathmatically as our very protocols within the internet!

Now as far fetched as this may seem the truth will be and always has been stranger than fiction. Yet this is just the start of such a mind experiment. Taken the story a little further one can note how if we have numerous dimensions that could exist within an unlimited paradigm then there must be some connecting tissue between the many layers of existence. Upon which this could be no more an ancestor simulation, which at it's heart is most terrifying. There is a magnitude that occurs when you talk in computer terms. That being power must be pulled and generated from somewhere in order to create something. This is to say if those who created the simulation could only run one. It would then only be a matter of time before they speed their creation in order to study life to such a point that the life itself creates a simulation. By this method of thought we could be in the millionth simulation and never know it and time becomes irrelevant.

This is both a chaining sensation and a freedom inspiring moment. The idea that we can do anything but must contextualize the infinite of which we craft. This flow then manifest itself through our actions and deeds but with no truth to the "what-has-ever-been" for within time there is only now. When a computer cycles it processes the tick from beginning to end, upon which it refreshes and begins a new. This shamanistic tale is as old as time as the wheel strikes from midnight to midnight as we in our short and saddened lives will only be a momentary but necessary speck of time that helps to ingrain the solid nature of time.

Other problems that arise with such formulaic thought include but are not limited to realizing that ANY of the current religions could actually be real, or hell even for fun they are all real and it's a giant competition and functioning of beliefs much akin to what is pronounced within modern video games. Although much like in the games I take the road not traveled. The path of a person who refuses any of that thought for something more connecting. Something as old and deep as the tales of Marduk and Tiamat. These are the shadows of our existence, and even within madness one can fully understand that we are only represented by the things which we leave behind. What trail is enough though? What life is more than fulfilled with the empty moments of here and there colliding into the nothing of a total life which is a whisper to the tendrils of time. These opposing and demoralizing anti's which prevent the breathe of a life and allow for a minutes rest.

Nothing but the cold winds blowing over the horrors we as a species find ourselves accomplice to. Murder and mayhem in the name of whatever is to be secured in the moment, never allowing the constriction to unbind. And yet we create these archetypes which then find their way back into our lives through the stories we tell. Once again simulating an experience so to share with one another. This is to say without being to grossly obtuse that the most frightening premise is bound when merging the realities of a simulation against the notions of such evils. Oh yes indeed what your mind is telling you is true.

For such constructs within a simulation to exist then one must understand that the frameworks of horrid atrocities were in fact programmed in at one time and if used then poise the most ethical of dilemmas. Some could say that good and evil are nothing more than false constructs and that everything which occurs is result of some form of need whether warranted or not. By this we must then come to understandings with our own demons so as to see what exist on the other side of the mirror. Never to enact the wretched rather to know and to prevent from invoking such terror into the world except for survival sake. Where do I go from here when left with a drive of moral good with the emptiness of the cosmos at my back. Probably best just to tap dance as an avatar in an open space then fermenting such nightmares to steep my future dreams in.

Have fun knowing you are probably a badly written program like me. = )