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Why Dollars Make Cents

Once more we travel down this broken path made of metal, meddle, and felt. A tradition that has transcended the timespace of humanity's true nature. We are sick being slaves to such mechanism yet we do everything in our power to foster it, like a junkie on junk we just can't kick the habit. I as well have taken steps to become more of the heard and accept the needle of prosperity as well.

Currency and trade in base form is pleasant and functional, yet once the tendrils of greed set root there is no stopping the growth of this undervine into the heart of someone pure. The shadow may loom forth but I know that it is nothing more than one more game as it all is. This is after all a simulation. Still I have to ponder the deeper meaning of what it is for us to force this mechanism on ourselves so as to learn the truth and harshness of entropy through value. No one thinks of the beanie babies is what I am saying. Waste upon waste is dribbled out of the ass of man just to please an moment of incurable darkness that will never cease and the only light in the darkness is a number on a paper............ simulation in all forms I suppose.

I seek to find that inner monk that understand money is means to and end. It is a tidal force to be recognized for its true drowning potential and unforeseen consequences. Raving of a madman this may be, still I find charm in the realization that I have overridden my flesh with digital purity though pragmatic action. The only thing we should be concerned in life is the growth of one's own understanding in the universe in relation to all those who you share a connection with. It is from this plateau that we can find those words of charity and prosperity without having to look too far.

May the machinations of man never rule my spirit.