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Sick of Society

Why Dollars Make Cents

Once more we travel down this broken path made of metal, meddle, and felt. A tradition that has transcended the timespace of humanity's true nature. We are sick being slaves to such mechanism yet we do everything in our power to foster it, like a junkie on junk we just can't kick the habit. I as well have taken steps to become more of the heard and accept the needle of prosperity as well.

Am I finally going mad?

I want to become more than what the society apparently wants me to be. Case in point I had to of the fresh crowd cast me down publically with humor and delight as their hostile nature ran its course bare. The deafening quake of these hollow emotions roared once more. Into the darkness I gazed to finally encounter what can only be considered the darkness whole. Spirit darker than a million moonless nights. Phased but unbroken I stood my own and held firm to my cause, but with sadness in hand knowing that this is truly what the herd have amounted to.

When is War Ok?

The topic of conflict is inherent to the human condition. As a people we find it necessary to invoke the disaster of evolutionary intent upon the simplest of actions. It is through this adaptation that we find ourselves in such a position that the push and pull of etiquette because a battle of internal morality upon the totality of our mentality. When the world slowly collapses in on this point, it is here were we find the ego at its most vulnerable. Does that though me that vulnerability is the key to all conflict? Should we truly blame the victim?

Broken is Always Hard to Understand

While I run in this darkness I try to man up to the speed of sound. What does that even mean? If you were to ask me on the street I would most likely reply with some sort of back water jive that irritates the soul all the while calming the nerves. The beauty of this backward thinking is that nothing truly coalesces into substance when viewed objectively. Yes it is true that this can be that and that can be this, but by all means who is doing the interpreting? Don't ask me. I most likely will never know nor will I no. Then again that is the root of the problem.

Don't Forget to Pay Your People Bill

The lives we lead, most would agree, are for the pursuits of happiness and what it means to grow as a person. To be more forthright I am speaking namely of the act and bond of friendship. The idea has various meanings to various people. Some look at it as basic premise of life, the act of including people naturally comes most notable with family and those friends of the family. Yet now with the digital age a new behavior is rising from the ashes of the societal break down that is texting/messaging one another.

A Feeling of Disconnect

So as it seems I find myself furious at the powers that be for allowing such great internet feats all to become stymied by the inconvenience of throttling my speeds. It is quite a strange thing to desire the same things all these decades. If only the internet could be so stable as to cause me some sort of pre build up to an aneurysm waiting to pop out of pure frustration. In my mind it should not be a difficult thing to attain and or desire.

I Dream of Electric Boogaloos

It dawned on me the other day that I haven’t posted anything in a while. Between Fallout 4 and actual gaming fallout between friends, I have been lost in a whirlwind of whatever this is that I now find myself in. I want to say there is good news, but that would be relative to any bad news received. So as a matter of earnestness I wish to let all know that I am doing just ok as usual.

Who Needs to Fit In Anyway

Once again, I attempted the indulgence of social roles and found a new community in which to attempt thriving. However, during such a time a disturbing trend began to develop and erupt like a terrifying tumor of insistences. Some time ago, I spoke of the nature of games and perhaps to clarify my point I should state the intent of engrossing oneself into a digital tapestry. A person games as what is most seen due to the stress and difficulties within life.

What does freedom really mean?

It is a frightening notion that medical practices are becoming the forefront to capital interest. It may seem that all of the cogs are in the machine, until one day someone proposes what I assume to be the inevitable end of the argument when it comes to economic supply versus demand. Recently a young man in our society enacted such egregious terms and I am sure that there will be hell to pay.

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