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Random Thought

Having a Kid in the Time of the Plague

It feels odd to feel disturbed. Normally most days that pass I can bear the natural hardships we people inflict upon one another, and yet this time it is different. As far as being concerned for harm, please know that my family and I are safe for the time being. What drives unnatural worry into my soul is the after effects that which society will embrace so to dissolve the ways of the old so to create a new path to whatever fresh hell we wish to invite ourselves too,

Little Old Lutherious

Dedication and commitment are strong traits found in most people although from my perspective I sometimes wish the dog knew it had a leash. The moment I would say my life began to settle I started to engage in what would turn out to be a decade long passion that would sculpt the years to that of both success and tragedy, but so is the story for all mortal souls. With all things being equal I was practically a shell of my current self, always lusting after the next big movement in life. Everything revolved around the fascinating and most dangerous world of liquid capital.

And Time Marches On

Time and exhaustion are two constraints of the human condition I have never favored. It has always been of my mind to try to remember this when engaging any activity. Over the past few months I have been developing more and more of a internet presence, but to no real substantial gain. Yet looking back on it all I know it is worth it. From developing sites to editing videos, my applicable skills are starting to surmount to what could be considered the modern cottage industry.

It's a Tribal Thing

The societies that exist in games are not unlike those that fester in the real world. I have taken part in a few myself. There is almost something comforting about the realization that there are people who feel the kindred spirit. Equally and not without merit I have found myself on the outside of groups all the same. The dislocation is no more false than the same feelings one would have if banished from any community.

What does freedom really mean?

It is a frightening notion that medical practices are becoming the forefront to capital interest. It may seem that all of the cogs are in the machine, until one day someone proposes what I assume to be the inevitable end of the argument when it comes to economic supply versus demand. Recently a young man in our society enacted such egregious terms and I am sure that there will be hell to pay.

Equality is the soul of liberty

Equality is such a messy topic to try to sort. Given the very nature of the cosmos no part of the universe dating from the beginning of time has had a natural formation of symmetry. An interesting quote by Luis Fernando Verissimo states that “Excessive symmetry is either unnatural and conceals some human thought behind it, or else supernatural and conceals some mystery”. The very idea of perfection of essence is something that we meddling humans have been after for quiet some millennia now. We judge this formation not only to be beautiful to the mind but equally contextually magnificent.

Set Us Up the Bomb

My favorite attribute of those with acute stupidity is the strange fear they harbor over science. When I was a child I believe people’s fear of science was more of a foreboding feeling toward technical things. This would include but not be limited to almost anything with a checklist. As I grew I found that this fear was broader than I had first imagined. The fear stems from various root cause ranging from the religious to those who don’t want to socially accept their shortcomings when dealing with empirical facts.

Zombieball Meatgrinder

I had a conversation with a friend recently about football and robotics. The conversation began as most would by proposing a question about the possibility that our laws and attitudes would change based on the direct violent nature of the sport. The idea mind you is nothing more than a thought exercise in determining whether or not our American society would place the needs of safety over the demands of entertainment. Given examples from the past I can understand fully how the consequences could travel in either direction.

Lock Out Tag Out

Privacy. It was not long ago that people had an abundance of privacy at the sacrifice of safety. Most people recall the Ben Franklin statement about security and safety with each being at the cost of the other. I think though that this is not a warning rather a paradigm. Just as we love to round up large ideas and condense them into life size bytes of reality, visa via Good and Evil, Just and Unjust, Right and Wrong; the list is endless. There is I suppose one more of these thoughts to place upon the wall.


Words between two people create a simplistic path that we could trace if graphed out in full. Our conversations are nothing more than outreaching need for encouragement to be assured of any one topic. Almost as though scripted we reflect any transmission sent our way, decode, rinse, and repeat. The flavor of understanding comes from the connection that truly made between any two people. Although some may say they have this connection, many do not. Many do not greet strangers with a smile and a wave. Many do not ask if they can help out their fellow person.


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