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I wish I knew a better way to inform the world that no matter the obstacle two things will always ring true. The journey will be hard and when you get there the reward will be fulfilling. Although this may appear on the surface as something cheap and nonsensical from the pocket shaman of old but the fact remains that both tenants of this equation are true. The problem I believe arises when an individual hears only the first part without understanding fully the second. When a person is told something is hard, most will see that as a new obstacle opposed to just the one they began with.


Something Simple

I decided that today was a good day to tell you all why I behave in the manners with the various things I do. And although that is a lengthy endeavor to fulfill, my options are to do so with favor to your understanding or lose focus and waste time! Nonetheless I will subject myself to the reflections of time by allowing this deepened thought to become part of the mass hysteria called the human condition.

When is War Ok?

The topic of conflict is inherent to the human condition. As a people we find it necessary to invoke the disaster of evolutionary intent upon the simplest of actions. It is through this adaptation that we find ourselves in such a position that the push and pull of etiquette because a battle of internal morality upon the totality of our mentality. When the world slowly collapses in on this point, it is here were we find the ego at its most vulnerable. Does that though me that vulnerability is the key to all conflict? Should we truly blame the victim?

And Time Marches On

Time and exhaustion are two constraints of the human condition I have never favored. It has always been of my mind to try to remember this when engaging any activity. Over the past few months I have been developing more and more of a internet presence, but to no real substantial gain. Yet looking back on it all I know it is worth it. From developing sites to editing videos, my applicable skills are starting to surmount to what could be considered the modern cottage industry.

Don't Forget to Pay Your People Bill

The lives we lead, most would agree, are for the pursuits of happiness and what it means to grow as a person. To be more forthright I am speaking namely of the act and bond of friendship. The idea has various meanings to various people. Some look at it as basic premise of life, the act of including people naturally comes most notable with family and those friends of the family. Yet now with the digital age a new behavior is rising from the ashes of the societal break down that is texting/messaging one another.

I Dream of Electric Boogaloos

It dawned on me the other day that I haven’t posted anything in a while. Between Fallout 4 and actual gaming fallout between friends, I have been lost in a whirlwind of whatever this is that I now find myself in. I want to say there is good news, but that would be relative to any bad news received. So as a matter of earnestness I wish to let all know that I am doing just ok as usual.

Live to Fight Another Day

In our modern framework we have setup a unique byproduct of industrialization. No human forages anymore for subsistence. Rather we enable our ingratiating attitudes of laziness with the process of feeding from the benefits of a mechanized world. Yet within this marvel of technology we are still stricken with impoverishment and starvation. That is to say that the Darwinian side of the equation is firmly in tact. That leads to the obvious next question, what exactly does it take to survive in the world today?

Universe 25!

Imagine living in pure happiness. Imagine each moment of your life engrossed with pure joy and content. Now imagine that place as the lead to your living hell. AS odd as that thought may sound that fact is there is some merit to it. While reading about the interwebs today I discovered an experiment that was of the likes of the Stanford Prison Experiment!!! Universe 25 was a magical land that ensures all of its inhabitants were blissful and content to the best way possible. This turned into a vital flaw though. Universe 25 developed a hierarchy of false idolatry and idiocy.

The language of friendship is not words but meanings

What makes a friend exactly? A better question would be when does a friend become a friend and equally when exactly does such a kinship dissolve? I only ponder this because within this digital age we have “friends” and we have friends. “Friends” as it were are nothing more than a tally number at the end of a social calendar that helps to remind you to maintain your humanity with birthday wishes to those you haven’t spoken word one to in a millennia.

Something Less Enlightening

The last thing I have ever wanted in my life was to be exposed to the harmful radiation that is known as “The Internet”. I love the internet in many ways; from the endless banter and media to the continuous sizing up of humanities best. Yes this marvel of humanity has helped propel the quietest of thinkers into the most ferocious of zealots. Where do I fit in though? Among the various internet sensations I never ventured to guess that anything I would produce would be worth the merit of anyone but me.

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